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Odette Pinto

 Odette Pinto, actriu del Quadre de Veus de Radioteatre    


Daughter Catalan mother and Portuguese father, she was born in Bordeaux (France) in 1932. She began to participate in the radio medium, even as a child, when she recites poetry in children's programs on Radio Sabadell, the radio station of the city where she lived. It is in this same station is where  she becomes announcer since 1946 and where a few later she debuted as an actress in radio drama. In 1955, she joined Radio Terrassa which she combines the proper task of locution of programs such as the popular "Nosotras", she is part of Voices Company of the station involving her in numerous works of radio drama until 1957, when she goes to Radio Barcelona to replace Rosario Caballé, the actress who put voice to the popular Elena Francis. But his stay in the station dean is too short. She left Radio Barcelona to go to Radio España de Barcelona to make adapter screenwriter and a hundred radio plays between 1960 and 1968. It is in this same station, which in 1965 began to make the first programs under their own brand. In 1974, already in Radio Juventud de Barcelona, was born what eventually will be its most popular program, "Las tardes de Odette". This is the brand that linked her to the different stations where she works, from the same Radio Juventud, through Cadena Catalana, Radio Miramar, Radio Salud and COPE Miramar, taking in all them the afternoon time slot with this same program. In  1997, however, she ends 30 years of radio afternoons and she jumps to the morning with the "Odette y tú". She has also taken part in several local television channels, such as Canal Català ("Los domingos con Odette") and 25TV ("Odette, de tú a tú").
Her ability to connect with the audience, above all, feminine , her voice and her friendly smile, off forever on February 21st 2010, when she dies from pneumonia in the city of Barcelona.


Images from Radio Theater Voices Company

Quadre de Veus 2012_3.jpg


  • Did you know ...?

    To simulate the sound effect ticking of a clock, we can achieve if we roll a pencil between our hands with a ring on one finger.

  • Did you know ...?

    First Radio Theater plays, issued at the early 1920's, were theater scripts played on a conventional stage in which superimposed the voice of a narrator explaining on radio all that was not appreciated only with the ears .

  • Did you know ...?

    Orson Welles founded "The Mercury Theatre on the Air" in July 1938, together with John Houseman, as a company to play radio drama scripts which adapted by himself.
  • Did you know ...?

    "Taxi Key", the popular radio drama series which starred Ricardo Palmerola and Isidre Sola in Radio Barcelona, began airing in 1948 and was on the air until middle 70's.
  • Did you know ...?

    To simulate the sound effect of a shower can be achieved by slowly pouring a bag of rice in a plastic container.